Từ vựng – cấp cứu tai nạn, chấn thương

Từ vựng đúng ngữ cảnh cấp cứu một chấn thương nặng do tai nạn:

☯️ Coma (n): a state in which a person is unconscious and cannot be woken, caused by damage to the brain after an accident or illness
= bất tỉnh sau chấn thương hoặc do bệnh tật
✍️ E.g., She went into a deep coma after taking an overdose of sleeping pills.

☯️ Medically induced coma (n): a temporary coma (a deep state of unconsciousness) brought on by a controlled dose of a barbiturate drug
= sự gây mê

☯️ Barbiturate (n): a strong drug that makes people calm or helps them to sleep
= thuốc làm dịu thần kinh hoặc gây mê
✍️ E.g., He died from an overdose of alcohol and barbiturates.

☯️ Trauma (n): (a) severe injury, usually caused by a violent attack or an accident
= Chấn thương nguy hiểm
✍️ E.g., The surgeon specialized in trauma ( sudden, severe injury), especially from gunshots.

☯️ Undergo surgery/an operation (v): to have a surgical procedure or operation
= Bị/được phẫu thuật
✍️ E.g., If the surgery you’re undergoing is purely cosmetic, your health insurance won’t cover it.

☯️ Seizure (n): a very sudden attack of an illness in which someone becomes unconscious or develops violent movements
= một cơn tấn công của một căn bệnh làm cho người bệnh bị bất tỉnh hoặc có những hành động dữ dội
✍️ E.g., The cat suffered several seizures after eating some poison.

☯️ Post-traumatic seizure (n): are seizures that result from traumatic brain injury
= các cơn bất tỉnh hoặc phản ứng dữ dội sau những chấn thương của não bộ

☯️ Swelling (n): a part of your body that has become bigger because of illness or injury
= sưng tấy
✍️ E.g., Put your foot into cold water to help the swelling go down.

☯️ Wheel (v): to push an object that has wheels so that it moves in a particular direction
= đẩy xe (lăn)
✍️ E.g., Doctors put her on a respirator and wheeled her downstairs to intensive care.

☯️ Sprint (v): to run as fast as you can over a short distance, either in a race or because you are in a great hurry to get somewhere
= chạy vội vàng
✍️ E.g., We had to sprint to catch the bus.

☯️ Trauma unit/center (n): a hospital equipped and staffed to provide care for patients suffering from major traumatic injuries such as falls, motor vehicle collisions, or gunshot wounds.
= một bộ phận trong bệnh viện cứu chữa bệnh nhân bị các chấn thương nguy hiểm

☯️ Ventilator (n): a machine that helps people breathe correctly by allowing air to flow in and out of their lungs
= thiết bị trợ giúp thở
✍️ E.g., He was brought into intensive care shortly after the accident and immediately put on a ventilator.

☯️ Helipad (n): a place where a single helicopter can take off and land
= điểm hạ và cất cánh của trực thăng

💥 Xem người bản ngữ sử dụng trong văn viết (Atomic habits)

✍️ When my mom and I landed on the roof of the hospital, a team of nearly twenty doctors and nurses sprinted onto the helipad and wheeled me into the trauma unit. By this time, the swelling in my brain had become so severe that I was having repeated post-traumatic seizures. My broken bones needed to be fixed, but I was in no condition to undergo surgery. After yet another seizure – my third of the day – I was put into a medically induced coma and placed on a ventilator.

With love & passion!

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