Cam 11, Listening, Test 1 – Phân tích câu hỏi, từ khóa, paraphrase, từ vựng

Cam 11, Listening, Test 1 – Phân tích câu hỏi, từ khóa, paraphrase, từ vựng


Cambridge 11, test 1 Listening – Bảng phân tích từ khóa, paraphrase câu hỏi với recording, từ vựng, collocation 


Ques tions Key words in questions Similar words/ expressions in the recording Vocabulary / Collocation
1.     Charlton Or there’s the Charlton room –  Enquire /ɪnkw’aɪ’ər/ about: hỏi thăm về cái gì

–  Raise money for a charity: gây quỹ

–  Good facilities / good quality cooker , fridge…

–  Entry charge:

–  Fiddle /f’ɪdəl/ about: touch st and try to make it work: chạm, hoạt động cái gì đó

–  Legal requirement: yêu cầu bắt buộc

–  Premise: /pr’emɪs/: The premises of a business or an institution are all the buildings and land that it occupies in one place: tài sản

–  Cleaning equipment

–  Detergent /dɪt’ɜːrdʒənt/: is a chemical substance, usually in the form of a powder or liquid, which is used for washing things such as clothes or dishes (thuốc tẩy, nước rửa)

–  Presume: /prɪzj’uːm/: đoán chừng

–  Take down st: gỡ bỏ

–  Stack up /st’æk/ st: arrange them in neat piles: sắp xếp gọn gàng thành đống

–  Safety tips:

–  Uneven: /’ʌn’iːvən/ not smooth, flat, or straight : gồ ghề # even

–  Slip: /sl’ɪp/: slide and lose your balance: trượt

–  Guide dogs:

–  Scarecrow: /sk’eərkroʊ/: traditional figure for keeping the birds away from crops: bù nhìn

–  branch off to the right/ left: rẽ phải, rẽ trái

–  be made out of hedge /h’edʒ/: hàng rào

–  sw run skills workshops: nơi tổ chức cuộc họp học kĩ năng

–  physicist: /f’ɪzɪsɪst/: nhà vật lý học

–  got a little confused about:

–  STEM disciplines: science, technology, engineering, math.

–  Be Underpresented in st: have poor performance in = perform poorly

–  Affirmation: những điều khẳng định

–  Put thoughts into words : chuyển suy nghĩ sang dạng văn bản (viết ra những gì mình nghĩ)

–  Overcome psychological factors: vượt qua yếu tố tâm lý

–  A huge change: sự thay đổi lớn

–  Fufil expectation: đáp ứng mong mỏi

–  Mixed team >< single-sex team:

–  Assess:  /əs’es/: make a judgement about  the nature or quality of st: đánh giá , định mức

–  Ocean biodiversity: /b’aɪoʊdaɪv’ɜːrsɪti/: the diversity of the species that live in the ocean: sự tồn tại của động thực vật dưới đại dương

–  The fishing industry: công ngư nghiệp

–  Predator: /pr’edətər/: an animal that kills and eats other animals: động vật săn mồi

–  Metabolic /m’etəb’ɒlɪk/ rate: tỉ lệ trao đổi chất

–  Mammal: /m’æməl/: mammals give birth to babies rather than laying eggs, and feed their young with milk: động vật có vú

–  Plankton: /pl’æŋktən/:is a mass of tiny animals and plants that live in the surface layer of the sea: sinh vật trôi nổi

–  Be stunned by st: extremely shocked or surprised by it and are therefore unable to speak or do anything: bị khiến cho ngạc nhiên

–  Octopus: con bạch tuộc

–  Ocean floor = seabed = sea floor: the bottom of the ocean: đáy đại dương

2.      115
3.      cash

Is paid in cash


cost charge
4. parking
5. music Need a …. licence Get a licence to have music
6. entry Arrange entry Make arrangements for entry
7.stage – touch

– system controls the volume


–          System cuts in when the volume reaches a certain level

8.code Need to know the code ‘ll be informed of the code
9. floors Sweep the floors? They have to be washed…
10. decoration(s) Piled up

Stack up

11. animal(s) Take care not to harm Don’t frighten or injure
12. tools Not touch Stay at the safe distance from/ don’t touch them
13. shoes Wear… Are wearing..
14. dogs Not bring … … have to stay in the car park
15. F

– in the car park, in the corner, beside the main path

– look ahead of you, you can see…

– branch off to the right/ left:

– bridge cross the pool:

– go toward the bridge and turn right just before it

– walk along the side path

– where the path first bend:

– there’s a place on the right

– near the farmyard, just after you cross the bridge

18. H
20. A
21. C Be majoring in
22. B


 Find out


 A way of improving


What they could do


Women’s performance in physics Low level of the women’s result
23. B Believe st Make assumptions about st
24. C Important Significant
25. A Reduce stress Relax them and help them overcome psychological factors
26.B What surprised the researchers

What the researchers hadn’t expected

Raise women’s physics grades The positive impact it had on physics results for women
27.C The results could have bên affected by That might have affected the results
They have been told why The information the students were given
28. A Compare the effects of See if it really is the topic that made the difference
Half do the same writing task and half do a factual writing task Two different writing task

Got the same results whether …

… had no effect on the performance of men and women


–  Congregrate: /k’ɒŋgrɪgeɪt/: gather together and form a group: tụ tập lại

–  Population size: lượng dân số

–  Geographical /dʒ’iːəgr’æfɪkəl/ distribution: sự phân bổ lãnh thổ

–  Retain: to keep, to continue to have st: duy trì, giữ gìn

–  Migration corridors: get from one to another safely: hành lang di chuyển

–  Fishing quotas: limited number of amount of st (fish) that is officially allowed: (hạn ngạch)

–  By-catch (N): unwanted fish and other sea animals caught in a fishing net along with the desired kind of fish: việc đánh bắt cá không mong muốn

–  Commercial fishing boats:


Teamwork activities

30. A Talk to a professor…would be better Make an oppointment to see one of the science professors
31. conservation

Area that have greatest mixture of species

Area that contain many different species



Allow us to locate

For locating


key areas



for focusing efforts  at conservation For conservation
32. food(s)

Located five hotspots

Identified hotsports

Found that


The main thing he’s expected to find


Found that
Had very high concentration of food…the remaining hotspots was quite badly off in that regard Were not always rich in food(s)
33.surface Had higher temperature at the surface The water at the surface had relatively high temperature
34.oxygen sufficient enough
35.mammals Under the ice


below the ice

Around near
37.decline Rate of decline The rate at which the the decline of

Population size

Size of the population


Geographical distribution

Distribution in geographical terms Make

a distribution map


A map showing a distribution

39.migration Establish migration corridors

Lower fishing quotas

Create corridors for migration

Reduce fishing quotas

40. consumption Catch fish for the purpose of consumption Fish wanted for consumption were caught


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